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Top 5 Best Cruiser Motorcycle Helmets


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When you head out on the open road to take a long journey with just you and your bike, you need the protection of one of these best cruiser motorcycle helmets.

Whether your bike has a well-worn seat and hand grips, or whether this is the first trip you’ve ever taken. Choosing the most comfortable, safe, and coolest helmet matters.

Before we get into the 5 best cruiser helmets, it’s best we cover some basics. Such as, how to put a helmet on properly, how it should fit, and look at a few Bluetooth headsets. OR VIEW TOP HELMETS NOW

How to Put On and Take Off a Helmet Properly

When putting on a helmet, your first thought may be to just shove it on the top of your head. This approach is often very painful and wears the padding on a helmet pretty fast.

The proper way is to:

  1. Stretch the chin straps out to the side to widen the opening of the helmet.

  2. Then place the helmet on the back of your head while still stretching the straps, and roll it on forward.

  3. To remove the helmet, simply pull hard on the straps again and begin to roll the helmet off from front to back.

How To Put On A Helmet

How Should My New Helmet Fit?


Head Measurement

Deciding if you need a small, medium, or larger helmet will require you to measure around the crown of your head. You can do this by taking a piece of string and wrapping it around the widest part of your head. Starting from the top of your eyebrows.

Take the string and lay it out with a tape measure. Use this measurement when looking at the sizing of your particular helmet of choice.

Head Shapes:

Helmets aren’t usually one size fits all, as we all have different shaped heads. When buying you’ll see options such as round oval, intermediate oval, and long oval.

Round oval will be for more circular heads with shorter front to back and more side room.

Intermediate oval is the most popular shape. It will be a little longer front to back and narrower side room from round oval. 

Long oval will be the longest front to back and the most narrow helmet available. You can try taking a picture of the top of your head and match it up with one of the three examples below.

Trying Your Helmet On

Helmet Selection

Your new motorcycle helmet should be snug but not too tight. It shouldn’t put excessive pressure on your forehead as to cause headaches or smash your cheeks. On the flip side you shouldn’t be able to bounce your head around inside the helmet either.

Once you get your new helmet, wear it for at least 30 minutes. Make sure you’ll be comfortable wearing it for hours on the road. Keep in mind that a new helmet will break in slightly with use. But, excessively tight will always be excessively tight.

Try lifting and rolling your helmet in a circular motion without moving your head. The helmet should be secure to your head and pull your cheeks and scalp with it.

Chew a piece of gum, it shouldn’t be painful as your teeth glide against your cheeks but shouldn’t be comfortable either. After removing your helmet check for red spots and pressure points on your head and face. Any pressure points will be problematic after constant use.

Bluetooth Headsets

Sena 30k

Headsets or also called communicators are great for listening to music, hearing directions, and communication with fellow riders. Many helmets on the market today are built to have headsets installed with pockets in the padding allowing room for speaker placements.

If your main goal is communicating with other riders, it is best to use the same brand headsets. This allows for smooth connectivity and fewer issues on the road. The most popular brands riders are using today are SENA and CARDO.

Units like the SENA 50S and the CARDO PackTalk Bold and Slim models come with a mesh technology. This allows for seamless re-connectivity when drifting too far apart from other riders. These units will also come with upgrades voice commands and will connect with up to 15-24 other units up to 1-5 miles apart.

Bell Moto 3

If you’re a solo rider or have a smaller group there are great budget options without sacrificing quality. Like the CARDO Spirit HD and the SENA Spider RT1.

I personally ride with a SENA 30K that still has mesh technology. It’s great for ease of volume adjustment, making phone calls, and switching songs.

Don’t forget a handlebar phone mount for more navigation and phone call ease. We highly recommend Rokform phone mounts.

Top 5 Best Cruiser Motorcycle Helmets

The below list is some of our favorite full face helmets that we here at skreamin2wheelerz ride with and stand by. These picks are all very popular and reputable brands that are DOT/ECE certified.

Of course in addition to this list there are so many other great options, such as the AGV K6 Helmet or the Shoei RF-1400 Helmet.

1. Simpson Outlaw Bandit

This popular helmet brand offers a lightweight shell and aerodynamic styling that helps improves rider visibility and minimizes helmet lift at high speeds.

This intermediate oval helmet includes a removable antibacterial liner, internal sun visor, integrated speaker and mic pockets, and a set of smaller cheek pads. The Outlaw Bandit is as tough as it looks, and guaranteed to turn heads

2. Simpson M30 Bandit

The second of the best cruiser motorcycle helmets comes from Simpson as well. The M30 Bandit has a classic look that has been around since the 70’s.

This is a round oval fitting helmet that offers plenty of vents, a Cool Max moisture-wicking fabric liner, and a sleek and modern silhouette. Many people love the free shield pivot system so you can adjust the visor angle however you want.

3. Biltwell Gringo S 

The Gringo S has a round oval fitment and offers incredibly sleek styling with variations in the smooth shell of the dome or chin bar that comes in an array of colors! This helmet is also a throw back to the 70’s, but from the Formula1 scene.

Below the surface lies high-tech polystyrene and molded urethane lighters and pads offer maximum protection. There are built-in spaces for your choice of speaker and mic tech.

The shield is simple to lift and stays in place for extra airflow at low speeds. This is one of the more affordable motorcycle helmets on the list.

4. Arai Defiant-X Helmet

The Defiant-X is a full face intermediate oval helmet designed to complement cruiser style bikes. The lines on its chin area are sculpted for an excellent look and provide great ventilation, which makes it very comfortable.

Key features include side ducts that remove hot air from inside while connecting directly into interior channels via hidden portals; behind cheek pads. This makes them super efficient at bringing in fresh air and removing heat compared to other popular styles out there today.

5. Bell Bullitt

Another popular model from the Bell brand is the Bullitt, which comes in the latest carbon composite shell or an SE model that comes in a variety of unique colors and patterns. 

The classic silhouette of this round oval motorcycle helmet boasts a full-leather interior, clear or smoked face shield, and multiple intake and exhaust fence protected with metal mesh.

You get safety, style, and sleek performance no matter where the road takes you.


Thanks for checking out the article. Now you know how to properly put on a helmet, how it’s supposed to fit, and things to consider when buying.

These top five best cruiser motorcycle helmets offer options for every type of rider. Whether your main focus is on protection or pure bad ass style, these popular options will not disappoint.

Did this post help you on your helmet search? Be sure to reach out and let us know! Check out our other post’s here.



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    Thank you very much for this valuable detailed post about helmets. I am a motorcycle rider, so I am very interested in helmets. I am now using a normal helmet, but I am thinking of getting a full face helmet. I think I came across this post at the perfect time as I really like the Sena Bluetooth, because it will be very important for me to answer my calls. I will definitely buy it. Keep posting valuable posts like this!

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